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Online Secondary Resources (Short articles from several online encyclopedias. It is okay to begin your research here, but do not stop here. You will miss the "real" Lewis if you do.)

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MereLewis.Com (Mark Ehrlich of Monterey, California - Web site with several primary sources. It provides some 35 sample chapters, essays and prefaces from many of Lewis's books. Excerpts from many other authors are also on this site.)* 

C. S. Lewis and the Inklings (Bruce Edwards of Bowling Green, Ohio, professor of English and author of several books on Lewis - original articles including a listing of internet and bibliographical resources and information on how you can participate in a weekend workshop on Lewis.)

C. S. Lewis Centenary Group (James O'Fee of Belfast, Northern Ireland - helpful site for understanding Lewis's Ulster background and much more - see especially their C .S. Lewis Trail brochure.) 

C S. Lewis Mega-Links Page (Dave Armstrong of Detroit, Michigan - almost everything you ever wanted to know about C. S. Lewis can be found on this one site!) 

Into the Wardrobe  (John "Dr. Zeus" Visser of Seattle, Washington - very professional, award-winning, user-friendly site - a good all-around place to start for any Lewis reader. Along with original articles it includes a bookstore, chat room, message page, a portrait gallery, CSL FAQ, biographical and bibliographic material and information on how to contact many of the C. S. Lewis societies.)   

Inklings Webring (Steve Hayes of Pretoria, South Africa serves as the webmaster for a listing of over 60 sites devoted to enjoyment and study of the life and work of Lewis and the Inklings.)

The Mythopoeic Society (Eleanor Farrell of San Francisco, CA - information on the publications - Mythlore and Mythprint - plus details about the annual mythopoeic writing awards and the Mythcon conferences held each summer.)

C. S. Lewis and Public Life  (Part of the Discovery Institute at Seattle Pacific University, directed by John West of Seattle, Washington, associate professor of political science. This site contains original articles on how the ideas of Lewis relate to public life, information on upcoming conferences, plus read here Lewis' will and his first book of poems, Spirits in Bondage.)

C. S. Lewis Life and Links  (Overseen by David Neuhouser, retired professor of Mathematics and MacDonald scholar, this site is part of the "C. S. Lewis and Friends" program at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana. It contains articles from their bi-annual conferences, information on the Brown First Edition Book Collection, and biographical and bibliographical pages on Lewis, his friends, and authors who influenced him.) 

2. Special Focus

C. S. Lewis (a project completed by the students in Charlie Starr's class on Lewis's fiction at Kentucky Christian College in Grayson, KY.)   

The C. S. Lewis Foundation  (Stan Mattson of Redlands, CA - owners of Lewis's former home, the Kilns, and organizers of bi-annual summer conferences in Great Britain)

Marion Wade Center   (Information about the largest archival collection of all things Lewis and six other writers at Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL. A new building will be in use probably by the end of this summer, 2001.) 

C. S. Lewis for the Local Church  (Perry Bramlett of Louisville, Ky - information on seminars he conducts on Lewis in local churches.)

C. S. Lewis Institute  (Washington, D.C. - information on classes and conferences based on worldview of C.S. Lewis)

Lindentree (Kathryn Lindskoog of Orange, CA - shares about her books and articles - mostly on Lewis) 

The Lewis Legacy Online (Kathryn Lindskoog, a quarterly periodical devoted to covering all things Lewis and possibly not-Lewis as well.)

3. Email discussion groups

Mere Lewis   (subscribe) (Deb Walheim, moderator - a daily listserv which discusses Lewis and his works and sometimes receives answers and comments by Douglas Gresham, Lewis's stepson.)

Spare Oom  (subscribe) (Ray Schneider, moderator - a second-level daily listserv mostly of MereLewis members, but less strictly moderated, for those who desire a little extra involvement and sometimes an off-topic discussion.)

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