BreakPoint Articles on Lewis 

by Charles Colson 

(These articles are no longer available at the site.)

1. "Telling Stories: What Makes a Good Book?" (7/14/93)

2. "Sneak Preview of Christianity: Will the Real C. S. Lewis Please Stand Up?"   (2/23/94)

3. "Stick 'Em Up -- Please: The Loss Of Civility" (1/10/97)

4. "God's Surprises: The Influence of C. S. Lewis" (5/27/98)

5. "Discerning the Trends: The Prophecy of C. S. Lewis"    (5/28/98)

6. "The End of the World?:’On Living in an Atomic Age’"  (5/29/98)

7. "Balancing the Scales: A Biblical View of Punishment" (6/1/98)

8. "’Curing’ Christianity?: The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment"   (6/3/98)

9. "In the Lion's Paws: The Power of Storytelling" (6/4/98)

10. "Too Numinous to Mention: C. S. Lewis's Space Trilogy"       (6/5/98)

11. "Smuggled Theology: On the Importance of Story" (6/8/98)

12. "P. S. From Screwtape: The Missing Letter" (8/11/98)

13. "Dartmouth Follies: Who are the REAL bigots?" (12/22/98)

14. "Forbidden Food: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe"   (1/1/99 and 6/7/99)

15. "Fairly Stupid Fairy Tales: Have Stories Lost Their Innocence?" (1/6/99)

16. "Cute Chick, Fat Broad: The Faith Behind B.C." (7/20/99)

17. "Instant News, But Is It True?: Why the News Makes Us Dumb" (5/31/00)

18. "The Poached Egg Paradox: The Case for Christ (2)"   (4/17/01)

19. "The Power of Truth Itself: Evolutionary Psychology & C. S. Lewis" (4/24/01)

20. "Tame Lions and Pathetic Suits"  (6/11/01)

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