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"Havard, Robert Emlyn 'Humphrey'" 

Robert Emlyn "Humphrey" Havard (1901-1985) an Inkling, served as an official witness to Lewis's civil marriage to Joy Gresham, Havard first met Jack while making a house call at the Kilns. In his essay, "Philia: Jack at Ease," he describes this visit and a typical Inklings' meeting, along with a boating holiday he took with Jack and Hugo Dyson. Although he thought of himself "as the only nonliterary and nonteaching member of the Inklings," Jack asked him to write an appendix to The Problem of Pain. ("Philia," 215-228) Havard was also the first speaker to the Oxford University Socratic Club ("Oxford's Bonny Fighter," 140-141, 145, 174) and played an important background role in the "Anscombe-Lewis" debate on the "self-refutation of naturalism."

Dr. Havard had several nicknames, "Humphrey" (a name used in error by Dyson, but then continued and also used by Lewis in referring to him in Perelandra, chap. 2), "the Red Admiral" (due to his reddish beard), and the "U.Q" ("Useless Quack", dubbed such by Warnie Lewis in a situation unrelated to medicine) ("Philia," 222 and Inklings, 130, 177) Havard's medical role did play an important part in his relationship to Lewis's household. Lewis refers to him as "my Doctor friend," (TST, 540), and in the biography Jack by George Sayer, we learn about Havard's medical advice to Jack concerning the consummation of his marriage (Jack, 414). However, after Joy's cancer was discovered, and later, after Jack's own medical problems began, some associates began to doubt Humphrey's diagnostic abilities (Griffin, 376, 379, Gresham, 134). 


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