June 26 - July 21, 2000

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Preface to UK Journal

Day 1. Monday, June 26

Depart from Lexington, Kentucky on flight to London, England  

      via Charlotte

Days 2-4. Tuesday-Thursday, June 27-29

Arrive in London and take flight same day to Belfast

Spend 3 nights in Belfast/County Down area

Days 5-6. Friday-Saturday, June 30-July 1

Depart from Belfast on flight to London and on same day

      travel to Malvern by train

Spend 2 nights in Malvern

Days 7-8. Sunday-Monday, July 2-3

Depart from Malvern by train to Stratford-upon-Avon

Spend 2 nights in Stratford-upon-Avon

Days 9-12. Tuesday-Friday. July 4-7

Depart from Stratford-upon-Avon by bus to Oxford

Spend 4 nights in Oxford

Days 13-15. Saturday-Monday, July 8-10

Depart from Oxford by train to Cambridge

Spend 3 nights in Cambridge/Huntingdon area

Day 16. Tuesday, July 11

Depart from Cambridge by train to York

Spend 1 night in York headed for Scotland

Days 17-18. Wednesday-Thursday, July 12-13

Depart from York by train to Huntly, Scotland via Aberdeen

Spend 2 nights in Huntly, Scotland

Day 19. Friday, July 14

Depart from Huntly by train to Aberdeen

Spend 1 night in Aberdeen

Days 20-21. Saturday-Sunday, July 15-16

Depart from Aberdeen by train to Windermere via Oxenholme

Spend 2 nights in Windermere

Days 22-25. Monday-Thursday, July 17-20

Depart from Windermere by train to London

Spend 4 nights in London

Day 26. Friday, July 21

Depart from London on flight to Lexington via Charlotte.

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