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"Jenkin, Alfred Kenneth Hamilton" 

Alfred Kenneth Hamilton Jenkin (1900-80), attended University College, Oxford, where in 1919 he became a friend of C.S. Lewis. Both were members of The Martlets Literary Society. They often met for tea then talked or went for walks or bicycle rides. Jack's diary mentions Jenkin about 50 times during the school terms of 1922-24 (AMR).

Lewis wrote that Jenkin was the "first lifelong friend" that he had met at Oxford. He showed Lewis how to "enjoy everything; even ugliness," by making "a total surrender to whatever atmosphere was offering itself at the moment," rubbing one's nose in the "very quiddity of each thing" (SBJ, XIII). This enjoyment of the essence of all things possibly led to Lewis seeing the "patches of Godlight" mentioned in Letters to Malcom (XVII) plus sharpened his critical and imaginative talents.


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