What I Think We Did:

A Journal of Twenty-five Days 

in the

Footsteps of C.S. Lewis

June 26th - July 21st, 2000

The apex of all my Lewis experiences came in the summer of 2000 when I had the privilege of traveling to the Lewis/MacDonald sites in Northern Ireland, Scotland and England with my son-in-law, Jeremy Thomas. We were privileged to travel in Great Britain for twenty-five days, visiting first in Belfast, Crawfordsburn, Bangor, Downpatrick and the east coast of County Down in Northern Ireland; and then from London we traveled by train and bus to Great Malvern, Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford, Cambridge, and York; also going up to Huntly and Aberdeen, Scotland where George Macdonald was raised, before then coming back to London via Windermere and Grasmere in the Lake District. Our last day in London we took the train over to Canterbury, Hastings and Battle before returning to London for our flight home the next day. (See itinerary) (Clicking here will open new window.)

The purpose of this part of my website is to invite you to follow along with Jeremy and me as you read my 25-day journal and view the many pictures that we took in each place that we visited. Initially, I have kept the chatty, somewhat detailed, account of each day just as I wrote it, with  hopes that later I will find time to edit it and use it as the basis of a much more useful literary guide for others who also choose to travel in the footsteps of C.S. Lewis. Every trip has its obvious blind spots - things that you wish that you had thought more about before you did them. For me it was my week-long, almost existential, struggle with my camera and the possible pictures or lack of pictures that might develop from it on this "momentous" trip. I apologize for the numerous comments made about this concern. Finally, I also hope to add some comments about our preparation and what we learned from our trip. I begin with a preface describing how we came to take this trip and then it's on to the day-by-day trip itself. 


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