Pro-Lewis Cyberspace Mormons 

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1. "Elder Maxwell to speak at C.S. Lewis symposium" - announcement of the December 4-5, 1998 celebration of the C.S. Lewis Centenary. This conference was co-sponsored by the Religious Education and Continuing Education Departments at Brigham Young University 

2. "Elder Maxwell encourages members to be disciples of Christ" -  article reporting on the symposium

3. "LDS Scholars Salute Author C.S. Lewis At BYU Conference"-  second article reporting on the symposium

4. "C.S. Lewis: The Man and His Message" - details of the conference theme, speakers and program schedule.

5. "The Words of C.S. Lewis as used by the Leadership of the LDS Church" by Mary Jane Woodger - this long but informative article innumerates just how often the LDS "paraphrase, quote, and revere" C.S. Lewis. Given as one of the talks at the above symposium, the reader also learns to appreciate LDS Scholarship on Lewis.

6. "A Good Dose of C. S. Lewis for What Ails Us" - two articles written by a former Baptist minister who now proclaims himself to be a "charismatic Mormon" - an example of one of those Lewis-quoting Mormons mentioned above by Mary Jane Woodger.

7. Lewis's "Liar, Lunatic or Lord" analogy applied to the Book of Mormon - a page posted by the Book of Mormon Defense Association. What would Walter Martin do with this argument? 

8.  Gretchen Passantino and Gordon Lewis  - two evangelical responses to the LDS appropriation of Lewis and his ideas  

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