Examples of Contemporary Musicians 

Influenced By Lewis

1. The 2nd Chapter of Acts Website and

 The Roar of Love (Latter Rain/Sparrow, 1991) music clips

Sample music clips are available for all of the song titles listed below.. 

Songs on this album:

1. Are You Goin’ To Narnia
2. Lucy’s Long Gone
3. Tell The Truth
4. Turkish Delight
5. Son of Adam Daughter Of Eve 
6. Christmas Where Are You
7. Gifts From Father Christmas
8. Aslan Is Killed
9. The Roar Of Love
10. I’ve Heard The Stars Sing Before
11 He’s Broken Thru
12. With’s Demise/Get It Into Your Head
13. Something Is Happening In Me
14. White Stag

2. Phil Keaggy: Beyond Nature (Myrrh, 1991)

According to the Keaggy website, this album set the standard for instrumental solo guitar. They suggest that If you can get only one Keaggy disc, then this is the one. Phil's compositional prowess shines here in wonderful form-and it's a Dove Award winner, as well. Note also the titles of several songs which refer to Northern Ireland, Oxford and Lewis himself.

Songs on this album:

1. In the Light of Common day
2. County Down
3. Symphonic Dance
4. Addison's Walk
5. I Feel the Winds of God Today
6. Fare Thee Well (click here for sample clip)
7. Fragile Forest
8. Brother Jack
9. As Warm as Tears
10. A Place of Springs
11. In the Light of Common Day (reprise)
12. When Night Falls

3. Sixpence None the Richer (click here to discover how they got their name)

4. The Waterboys (here's a British group influenced by Lewis)

5. MASSIVIVID (read about their song "brightblur")

6. Michelle Tumes   (contemporary sound from "down under")

No clip is available for this song, but if you go to Michelle's website you can listen to some of her other songs. "Untame Lion" was recorded on her Listen album.

Words to "Untame Lion" 
I love an untame lion
He's calling me to come
My cold heart how it hesitates
I want to turn and run
His power is dangerous
His power is endless love
I love an untame lion
He's broken every chain
I'm free now how can I resist
His voice singes out my name
He's calling me
To a place where love's the only song
He's calling me
To a place where night will dance
With endless dawn dancing on and on and on
I try to hide in sleeping
His music fills my dreams
I'm filling with longing for a place
A place I've never seen
He's calling, I want Him so
He's calling, I can't let go
Shadows falling His voice is calling
Golden as the sun
It is morning without warning
I fall into His love

"Untame Lion" Music by Michelle Tumes/ Words by Merrill Farnsworth (c) 1998 BMG Music Pty Ltd./Sony/ATV Tunes, LLC/ Molto Bravo! Music, Inc / ASCAP

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