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I thoroughly enjoy writing, speaking, reading, and sharing with others about C. S. Lewis and what he has meant to me and my growth, both as a person and as a Christian. It is only natural then that an important by-product of this interest in all things Lewis has been a personal archive collection of many primary and secondary resources - books, articles, periodicals, videos, audiotapes, etc. - published by or about C. S. Lewis. On this page I have tried, where possible, to make available to both the serious and curious reader some of the fruits of those many years of research and collecting. 
1. Strange Bedfellows: Unusual Pro-Lewis Resources - In spite of what some people think, Lewis and his writings have inspired a very broad following - from rock music groups to Mormons, from movie stars to the anorexic psychiatrists, from former Nixon Watergate insiders and "genome geniuses" to pet store owners professional philosophers. Take a peek at this page of "strange bedfellows."  

2. When Worldviews Collide: Lewis Critics in Cyberspace - here are some of Lewis's critics - both theological and literary. Each article tells as much about the critic as it does about C.S. Lewis and his works. Some are so narrow that sometimes I wonder if we are reading the same author. Usually what is at issue is "worldview" and not technique or style. 

3. Helpful Online C. S. Lewis Resources - there is already much on the internet about C.S. Lewis, both primary and secondary sources. These sites have all been helpful to me in learning more about Lewis - both his life and his work, and they also will give any new readers a good place to begin their own journey with Lewis.

4. Internet Audio Programs on C.S. Lewis - These sites permit you to listen to radio interviews, lectures and call-in shows which focus on Lewis or one of his books.

5. Internet Pictorial History of C.S. Lewis - The 77 pictures in this photo collection, produced by Dr. Don King and used in his English 401 class at Montreat College, make up both the largest and best collection of Lewis-related pictures on the internet. See also other picture albums of Lewis.  

6. An Archival Treasure - this page basically represents my own collection of bibliographic materials related to C.S. Lewis. Most of the books can still be purchased online or borrowed from a large metropolitan or university library. Some of the articles may be much more difficult to acquire, depending on the range of interest of your local librarian. Both the Christopher/Ostling and the Lowenberg annotated checklists are worth their weight in gold when doing research. It is almost time for someone to compile another update. Anyway, if you are doing research and do not have access to some of these articles yourself, contact me and I will try to find a way to help you. For a web page file this is a very large file (245KB) and may take a while to download.  

6. "Lewis Sightings" during the Centenary - partial listing of articles and books published about Lewis in 1998

My own use of these materials is purely archival, and I share them with you in much the same spirit that C. S. Lewis and  his friends shared their common interests, their books and their ideas with one another. Having no desire to harm anyone, I encourage you, as Lewis encourages all of us in "Meditation in a Toolshed," not only to "look at" these resources, but also to "look along with" them as they help us discover afresh that One who is the ground of all that gives our lives true Joy and Purpose. If  you have any questions or comments about any resource being made available on this site, please contact me and I will remove or modify it upon the written request of the owner. 

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Last Updated: Sunday, October 07, 2001