Sermons About or Influenced by C.S. Lewis

Each of the following sermons has been preached during my ministry at the First Christian Church in Burkesville, Kentucky. "Footprints of an Old Friend" was specifically written in response to and in memory of the wonderful week that I spent at a continuing education conference, entitled "Learning From C.S. Lewis." that was led by Perry Bramlett, at Laity Lodge in Kerrville, Texas on July 12-19, 1999. In this sermon I reflect briefly on Lewis's life and share several short quotations from his writings. The other messages were part of my regular preaching ministry to my congregation in Burkesville. May each one draw you closer to the awesome, but personal God that we may each come to know in Jesus Christ. Please contact me if you have any suggestions or questions.


1. "Standing Against The Wiles Of The Devil" a pre-Halloween message, including a handout of selected scriptures reviewing the significant place that  Satan had in the writings of the New Testament (10/26/97).

2. "Lion of Judah: The Undomesticated Christ" based on Mark 5:1-20 (11/2/97).

3. "Gethsemane: Embracing the Cross Before the Cross" based on Mark 14:32-42, is the fourth sermon in a pre-Easter series, "Scenes of the Passion" (3/22/98).

4. "Reasons Enough to Believe: Evidence Within and Without" the first sermon in a series, based on 1 Peter 3:15 and other selected scriptures encouraging us to know both what and why we believe (10/18/98)

5. "Footprints of an Old Friend" explained above as reflecting briefly on Lewis's life, including several short quotations from his writings (7/25/99)

6. "Ezekiel: The God Who Makes Himself Known" a sermon in my "Through the Bible" messages from 2000-2001 (8/20/2000)



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