Some Recent Lewis Internet Sightings (2001) 

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Recent articles from

"Narnia Kicks Oz Over the Rainbow"  Christianity Today Weblog (1/2/01)

"Screwtape's Strategy for Pastors" Leadership Journal. (Spring 2001)

"Myth Matters"  Christianity Today (4/23/01)

"Intro to the Inklings"  Christian History Profiles (5/18/01) 

"Grief Observed Over Abolition of Lewis's Mere Christianity" Christianity Today Weblog (6/11/01)

"The War for Narnia Continues"  Christianity Today Weblog (6/20/01)

"The War for C.S. Lewis: The Prequel" Christianity Today Weblog (7/17/01)

"Aslan Is Still on the Move" Christianity Today Weblog (7/31/01)

"Mere Marketing?" Christianity Today Weblog (7/31/01)

"Leave Christianity in Narnia, says New York Times columnist" Christianity Today Weblog (8/31/01)

"The House That Jack Built" Christianity Today Weblog (9/14/01)

"The Genome Doctor" Christianity Today (10/1/01) 

"All Narnians Go to Heaven" Christianity Today Weblog (10/3/01)

"C.S. Lewis's warning against panic" Christianity Today Weblog (10/19/01)

"HarperCollins Releases a Semi-Official C.S. Lewis Sequel—But It's Not Narnia" Christianity Today Weblog (10/26/01) 

General articles from online print media:

"G.E.M. Anscombe Obituary" The Electronic Herald (Scotland) (1/9/01)

"Waiting For Faith"  Boundless Webzine (1/24/01)

"Seven Stars for Aslan"  Free Republic (2/08/01)

"A NARNIAN ULYSSES" Electronic Bulletin of the Dante Society of America (3/12/01)

"Trying To Be Imperfect #3: God The Mechanic" The Voice of Prophecy (3/14/01)

"William Morris and the Gift of Fantasy"  Phantastes: The Online Journal of Fantasy Criticism  (Spring 2001)

"HarperCollins Signs Deal With The C.S. Lewis Company" The Write News (3/21/01)

"C.S. Lewis' literary work withstands test of time"  The Nashville Tennessean (4/7/01)

"Publishing deal spotlights C.S. Lewis"  The Boston Globe (4/7/01)

"Of Elves, Angels, and Dueling Theologies" OpinioNet Contributed Commentary (4/15/01)

"The Civilizing Influence of C.S. Lewis"  Mona Charen syndicated column (4/24/01)

"There's far more to 'The Lord of the Rings'" The Detroit Free Press (5/14/01)

"The Great Apologists: Part 5: C.S. Lewis"  Touched By Grace (5/15/01)

"Dr. Francis Collins's Commencement Address"  University of Virginia News Service (5/20/01)

"Poem: Whipsnade Zoo" NRO Weekend (6/16-17/01)

"Mere Christianity Today" Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity (July/August 2001)

"Important News (Kathryn Lindskoog's response to "Holy War in the Shadowlands")"  MereLewis listserv (7/16/01)

"Colloquy Live: Debating the Legacy of C.S. Lewis" The Chronicle of Higher Education (7/19/20)

"Holy War in the Shadowlands"  The Chronicle of Higher Education (7/20/01)

"The 3 Sides of C.S. Lewis" The Chronicle of Higher Education (7/20/01)

"C.S. Lewis books are forgeries, says scholar" The Electronic Telegraph (7/22/01)

"Morefield on Lindskoog" MereLewis listserv (8/3/01)

"Response To Stephen Morefield" MereLewis listserv (8/5/01)

"C.S. Lewis Works Questioned"  Associated Press (8/10/01) 

"Center celebrates lords of literature" The Chicago Tribune (9/07/01)

"A Grief Observed: The Day  a Dream For Two Became a Nightmare For One" The Washington Post (9/23/01)

"Forgiving Our Enemies" Boundless Webzine (9/27/01)

"Essay Contest Winner Updates C.S. Lewis's Screwtape Letters"  AuthorsontheWeb (10/24/01)

"If Screwtape Had Watched CNN"  Beliefnet (10/24/01)

Three Interviews Related to The Magic Never Ends: The Life and Work of C.S. Lewis (sighted online 10/27/01)                                                                                                                  1. Lyle Dorsett with Chip

2. Debra Winger with Chip Duncan

3. Douglas Gresham with Chip Duncan

Recent Articles/Reviews Appearing on Personal Websites:

"Welcome to the Screwtape Letters"  W.J. Rayment (2001)

"Truth in the Fire: C.S. Lewis and Pursuit of Truth Today" Dallas Willard (7/21/98)

"A New Mystery in the Dark Tower"  Bill Seper on GeoCities (3/13/01)

"C.S. Lewis: The Space Trilogy" Jeff Elkins on (7/21/01)

"Neither Patriot nor Pacifist, but "Patient": Lewis on War and Peace"  David Downing on (9/01)

Recent articles on the "New Narnia" controversy:

"Narnia reborn in The Lion, the Witch and new stories" The Times (London) (4/29/01) 

"Marketing 'Narnia' Without a Christian Lion" The New York Times (6/3/01) 

"Lewis fans angry at Narnia without Christianity"  The Electronic Telegraph (London) (6/4/01)

"Lion, witch and Mickey Mouse" The Times (London) (6/4/01)

"New Narnia books drop Christian ethos"  The National Post (Canada) (6/4/01)

"Rewriting Narnia"   The National Post (Canada) (6/4/01)

"Fantasy Inc."  The Age (Melbourne, Australia) (6/6/01)

"Roger Bolton interviews Carol Bratcher and A.N. Wilson" BBC Radio 4 (6/10/01) (real audio needed)

"Grief Observed Over Abolition of Lewis's Mere Christianity" Christianity Today Weblog (6/11/01)

"The folly of censoring C.S. Lewis: Ignorance, greed drive plan to purge stories of Christianity" Special to MSNBC (6/14/01)

“The Abolition of C.S. Lewis: Off with his head”   World Magazine (6/16/01)

”Spending my inheritance: C.S. Lewis's stepson makes tradeoffs”  World Magazine (6/16/01)

"De-Fanging C.S. Lewis" The National Catholic Register (7/04/01)

"Letters to the Editor: Responses to 6/16/01 articles on CSL" World Magazine (7/21/01)

"Present Concerns: New Narnia Books & Lewis Documentaries"  NYCSL Society (May/June 2001)

"Guest Editorial: A Simple Distinction Between the Company and Lewis"  NYCSL Society (May/June 2001) 

"When you take God out of Narnia, is there anything left?" (6/18/01)

"Bowdlerizing C.S. Lewis" Griffin Internet Syndicate (6/19/01)

"Something Rotten in Narnia?" (6/20/01)

"The War for Narnia Continues"  Christianity Today Weblog (6/20/01)

"Christians needn't worry about the Narnia deal, but maybe HarperCollins shareholders should" The Byfield Report (6/22/01)

"Bring Out Your Dead" The Horn Book Magazine (July/August 2001)

"Aslan Meets His Match:Theme versus Setting" Science Fiction and Fantasy World (7/3/01)

"'Narnia' won't write off Christian values"  USA Today (7/18/01)

"The Chronicles of Narnia" (7/21/01)

"Don't Mess With Aslan" The New York Times Review of Books (8/26/01)

"In Defense of Lewis"  The Atlantic Monthly (10/01)

"HarperCollins Releases a Semi-Official C.S. Lewis Sequel—But It's Not Narnia" Christianity Today Weblog (10/26/01)

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