Strange Bedfellows: Unusual Pro-Lewis Resources 

1. Music - what do Phil Keaggy, The 2nd Chapter of Acts, Waterboy, Massivivid, Sixpence None the Richer, and Michelle Tumes all have in common? These are some of the popular singers and musicians whose music has been influenced by the writings of C.S. Lewis. 

2. Chuck Colson: Nixon's Former Hatchet Man, ex-Prisoner and now head of Prison Fellowship - here are 20 short, but insightful, articles on Lewis from Colson's daily BreakPoint radio program. Reading Mere Christianity played a significant role in Colson's conversion.

3. Mormons- many non-Mormons are generally not aware of the prominent place that Lewis has found among many Mormon leaders. These articles introduce you to some of the reasons for this unexpected acceptance of Lewis  - why he is respected, revered and quoted by their leaders and members alike. Also included here is an article critiquing the common Mormon misuse of Lewis.

4. Alternate History - think about this one for a moment! This is history written as if it had happened a different way, and someone in this genre has chosen to write a new obituary of Lewis from this alternate history point of view. Give me some feedback if you think I needed to say more before you went to this page. 

One respondent expressed the following concerns: "The 'alternate history' genre gives so much power without (currently) being made answerable to personal sensibilities of the persons slandered, or indeed any social responsibility. Perhaps such writing should be made to carry a prominent warning, like cigarettes....To my mind it [this article] throws up a lot of questions about how "alternate history" relates to simple lying and/or libel. In the article you quote it becomes quickly obvious that the events described never happened. But as we've seen with the "X-files", "Buffy", "Angel" and other crazes, there is a tendency to blur the distinction between reality and fantasy for dramatic effect." (PB)

5. Wisdom About the Apocalypse - here are two articles in which a Medina, Ohio reporter looks to Lewis for advice about the second coming of Christ. These articles are entitled, "Listen up and stop worrying about the second coming!" and "C.S. Lewis suggests preparation, not worry."

6. Shockjock from Malacandra - this article compares the I-man to Lewis and the pfifltriggi. Can there really be a connection? 

7. Read "The Chronicles of  Marmia" - seven very creative short chapters of a "Calvin and Hobbes"-like spoof of you-know-what,  though I do not think that HarperCollins will be asking the author to participate in the new Narnia project.

8. Read  "Truth in the Fire: C.S. Lewis and Pursuit of Truth Today"  - a message given at the Lewis Centenary celebration at Oxford/Cambridge on July 23, 1998 by a Professor of Philosophy from the University of Southern California . Find out more about this philosopher who did his Ph.D. dissertation on Meaning and Universals in Husserl's Logische  Untersuchungen

9. The CSL-PETA Connection - this 1998 article on vivisection claims Lewis for the animal rights activists.

10. Psychiatrist recovers from food disorder - in this Spring 2000 article in the periodical Perspective, Dr. Beth McGilley shares how she borrowed principles from the movie Shadowlands and Lewis's book, A Grief Obseved, to help her overcome anorexia. She writes, "In Lewis, I saw myself as a recovering anorexic, emotionally shell-shocked from my own motherís death by suicide, cynically questioning what kind of God could allow such pain in my life, and why I should remain open to it? In Gresham, I saw myself as a recovered therapist, passionate about the strengths to be found in vulnerability, encouraging love and other hearty risks, accepting that experience can be a brutal teacher, and still, choosing to learn." Her comments related to Lewis/Gresham begin in the third paragraph and continue throughout the rest of the article. 

11. God's megaphone awakens actor Kirk Douglas - having survived a tragic collision in 1991 between a helicopter and small plane that left two men dead and another severely injured, this November 8, 2000 USA Today article discusses Douglas' return to Judaism and his emotional recovery following his discovery of Lewis's "megaphone" principle first described in his book, The Problem of Pain.

12. Part 1 and Part 2 of Harvard professor and psychiatrist's comparison of the worldviews of Freud and Lewis - Dr. Armand Nicholi asks the question in this two-part essay: "Do we view the universe as an accident and our existence on this planet a matter of chance, or do we assume some intelligence beyond the universe who not only gives the universe design and order, but also gives life meaning and purpose?" For further insight from Dr. Nicholi on The Screwtape Letters, listen to this audio file.

13. Narnia Pet Behavior, Training, & Consulting - does it make a difference how you train your pet? This company has been in business for over 10 years and specializes in non-competitive dog training and private pet counseling for behavior problems with dogs, cats, and birds. Yes, this is a real site, advertising a real business!

14. Genome Genius - famous DNA scientist Dr. Francis Collins shares what Lewis's Mere Christianity meant to him in this commencement address he gave at his alma mater, the University of Virginia on May 20, 2001 where he  mentions reading Lewis.

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